When a business brings Smart Workforce Management (SWM) solutions on board, they gain a discrete but efficient way of managing their employees and their overall productivity. Employee tracking systems are the most effective way of keeping tabs on employee information and their movements, allocating tasks or tracking work progress.

As a multifaceted solution, New PC Planet’s SWM system provides businesses with the means to map, in real-time, where and how each team is working. All data is visible via a web-based app that can be viewed via computer, tablet or smartphone. By integrating SWM solutions into the HR process, businesses can manage their workforce more effectively, and ensure they have the accurate data they need to do so.

Why chose SWM

Using technology specially developed for keeping track of employees during working hours, New PC Planet brings businesses the simple solutions they need to effectively track and map employees throughout the day. As part of the Smart Workforce Management (SWM) solution, each employee is provided with an RFID tag in the form of an attachable tag, swipe card, finger printing service, or wireless device. Each tag contains the employee’s relevant personal data to ensure they can be accurately monitored.

Once employees move within the defined zone, a signal from their tag is picked up by the RFID reader, giving businesses:

  • An accurate map of how buildings are used;
  • Accurate tracking of employee movements;
  • And a measurement of the workday.

As information comes in over the course of the working period, management and HR departments can locate employees at a simple click. SWM solutions also give businesses the capabilities to monitor distribution and scheduling of labor, and security amongst other things.

SWM works as a business’ front line, providing basic security measures to ensure personnel safety and prevent unauthorized access to sites. Businesses can bring in RFID-based security gates to their sites, to ensure that only tag owners are able to enter the building. The time management data provided by SWM also creates a more effective payroll system, with businesses able to monitor adherence to working times.

SWM also acts as an automated time-keeping system, simplifying how time and attendance is recorded. Every time the employee enters the building, RFID readers pick up their tag’s signals, sending back data on when their employees clock in or clock out each day to the centralized platform.

With accurate information on employee location, businesses can also increase their productivity and their bottom line. The integrated SWM data platform ensures that management gain an overview of their personnel numbers, skills set and employee location.

Bringing these strands together means that businesses can reschedule projects and reassign work depending on personnel capabilities, and in turn get their projects completed on time. With the right people in the right place at the right time, projects can be completed in optimal time.

All incoming data is visible through a user-friendly app accessible via smartphone, tablet or computer. This provides the relevant departments with the access they need to the latest information to complete all needed administrative tasks.

Benefits of SWM technologies

No matter the size, New PC Planet’s SWM solutions provide businesses with the most effective time- and money-saving solutions. The incoming data ensures that businesses can undertake improved planning and management of their human resources, whilst avoiding potential workforce disputes.

SWM’s benefits include:

  • Effective resource and manpower allocation;
  • Effective management of workload;
  • Easy logging and location of employees;
  • Safer emergency evacuation;
  • Quick task and project assignment according to personnel availability;
  • Work progress and job fulfillment tracking easily visible;
  • Effective feedback between clients and management;
  • Resource reallocation, including for off-site staff;
  • Improved communications and smart collaboration.

With the latest SWM solutions on board, businesses gain the features to effectively and discreetly manage the overall productivity of their team.

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