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TNT and PCPlanet are tied partners:

Working in partnership with leading tracking solutions company, TNT Solutions Systems, New PC Planet brings the technical solutions and hardware for effective business management together in one place.

RFID provides the optimal platform to keep track of people, assets, products and vehicles. Based on radio frequency tagging and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies, each asset, product, person or vehicle is provided with a unique digital tag for easy scanning, locating and/or inventorising.

With a range of hardware solutions to scan the tags, clients can simply use handheld portable scanners to pick up on all tags within a given area, aiding in efficient inventory taking. Clients can also access different types of software solutions that pick up and analyse business-specific incoming data in real-time.

Once information has been scanned in, data is sent through to a centralised collection point to create easy-to-read visuals for tracking and management. Information can be accessed via web or mobile apps, giving clients on-the-go access to their business management needs at the fingertips.

Usually RFID using TAGs which is a unique ID given for each product and item to be fully monitored and tracked by the system, leading to generating an accurate analysis and report directly to the stakeholder.

New PC Planet takes the job very seriously when it comes to analysing how clients manage their indoor and outdoor tracking systems more effectively. With a team of experts offering a complete process of system analysis and design, development, testing and installation, New PC Planet works closely with clients for the best solutions. Clients can expect to receive the best solutions to tracking dilemmas.

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