Smart Indoor Tracking (SIT)

Using the latest RFID technologies, keep real-time tabs on employees and products in the supply chain.

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Locate Assets & People

Being able to locate assets and people quickly in a busy work environment is an important part of the modern workplace. With this in mind, Smart Indoor Tracking (SIT) software guides departmental shift navigation, and effective asset movement.

Real-Time Tracking

Based on the latest RFID tracking software, clients can keep real-time tabs on employee location and product movement along the supply chain. With onsite and offsite capabilities, clients can create movement maps for display on multiple devices.

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SIT technology doesn’t just end with easy workforce and asset location. Other benefits include:

    • Keep track of employee and departmental locations, either through single floor or multi-level maps.
    • Agile and effective tracking and location of all assets to avoid theft or misuse, particularly if assets are in transit.
    • Keep track of and find available meeting rooms and free buildings.
    • Safe employee evacuation in case of emergencies, and reduce time spent in risky searches.
    • Easy and effective security personnel route control.

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