Safe Bus

A specialized application for school transportation to provide smart and safe school transport

How system works ?



Real-Time Location

School bus monitoring system is a web based application available 24×7 with the school administrator to monitor entire fleet of buses.

Exclusive Apps

Includes Dedicated App for parents to monitor bus location and safety of child. An App specifically for Driver to send location info to server and get the smart driving alerts.


No specific hardware required. It can be run on any smart phone for driver or parent and on any desktop or tab with internet for school admin.

Safety Assurance

Both Parent and school authorities can monitor bus route violation, over speed incidents, unscheduled stops and driver information.

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Why Tracking is important for your school bus ?

Real Time Location Tracking

Once the child boards the bus, parents will be able to see the real time location for the school bus along with the route , this will happen in the morning when the bus is going to school and in the evening when the bus is coming back from school

Absence Reporting

parents can plan and report the absence for their children and inform the school that their children will not come to school in the reported days because the are sick or for any other reason so the school bus will not come to pick their children


All reports with respect to student attendance history and other details can be found on web portal or in parent App

Keep track of the bus

tracking Vision allows school management to keep track of the bus through GPS and find out the deviation of the bus route from its scheduled route and predefined route easily.

Reduce cost

tracking Vision helps school management to reduce cost through optimization of routes and vehicle capacity. The system monitors the misuse of school bus and alerts authorities in case of problems.

Monitor drivers behavior

School management can easily find out the vehicle speed and drivers behavior pattern , if the driver is too fast or breaking traffic rules.

Keep contact with parents

School management can work easily with parents to make things run more smoothly.

Geo Fencing

tracking Vision allows school management to define safe zone and if the bus crossed this zone alert will be sent to the school management.

How Parents can benefit ?

Over-speeding Alert

Get notified when the bus is over speeding with area and time.

Inappropriate drop-off

Get notification when your child is dropped at a wrong bus stop.

School Reached

Get notified when the bus reaches or leaves the school.


Be able to select the notifications of your choice and requirements.

Boarding Alert

Get notifications when your child has boarded the bus or vise versa.

Pickup / Drop ETA

Get notified when the bus is 10 mins away from the bus stop.

Live Track Location

Be able to live track your child's bus on the map.

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