BLE Tracking Technology

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tracking solution. Its where to put things right.

Bluetooth Low Energy Tracking system solution:

Traditional auto ID Technologies usually refers to : barcoding, RTLS, RFID in the additional Bluetooth  Low Energy (BLE). Why to use BLE solution ?

Bluetooth Low Energy tracking solution become more attracting as it does offer a high value asset location, faster, secure, and less costly tracking alternative to RTLS, RFID, bar code and WIFI.

BLE works  in a zone aspect, as it does require a mobile or a computer or any other device with Bluetooth technology as well as BLE tags (Which is similar to RFID tags methodology).

On the other hand, BLE it does not require any extra infrastructure or tag`s installation at the site, its fast and rapid to be deployed, and as mentioned Tags could be easily read by enabling  Bluetooth in any mobile or computer devices.

  • Bigger zone and range compared to WIFI
  • Including EPC and GS1 identifiers as well as use multiple ID's
  • Low costs compared to WIFI, RFID, RTLS

As the same as other tracking systems, BLE cloud be used to track items or even for Healthcare tracking, Personnel within the organization, Logistics and Manufacturing process and constructions.

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